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Lindy L.

"Rey's coaching technique is subtle but powerful. His respect for my unique person creates a space of trust and honesty... As a result my life has transformed 180 degrees and I am experiencing new levels of success in all areas of my life."

five star rating

Elizabeth S.

"He is a rock star in every way - easy to work with, communicative, brilliant, and pragmatic... He delivers. Period. And along the way, he brings energy, joy, and surprising insights. Fun! Hard work! ...Yes, these can all coexist with Rey as any part of the project team."

five star rating

Kassandra B.

"As both a business coach and friend, Rey Soriano adds value and wisdom into any conversation you have with him. His infectious smile and positive attitude shines across the room (or through a virtual screen) and Rey immediately helps you feel as if any situation you are in will be made better."

five star rating

About Rey

With over two decades of experience in solving problems for large and small organizations, Rey Soriano is a uniquely skilled and talented leadership coach.

In the past decade with his independent consultancy, Rey has delivered outstanding results leading multi-million dollar projects and advising clients on effective team leadership.

And now with his private coaching practice, Rey is helping leaders and managers achieve breakthroughs in their lives and businesses through one-on-one coaching or group experiences and events.

Rey brings his passion and enthusiasm to every project, fueled by the joy he gets from his amazing wife, being a father of three wonderful kids, and the gratitude for his friends and clients.